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Cedars on the Brazos stands majestically atop a bluff overlooking the Brazos River. It sits among one hundred and ten beautiful, heavily wooded acres. It is the perfect place for a romantic getaway.

The wooded acres surrounding Cedars on the Brazos are a perfect haven for the abundant wildlife. Watch for white tailed deer, wild turkey, fox, rabbits, armadillo, and a few animals we haven't identified. It is also a bird watcher's paradise! Listen to the evening sounds as the great horned owls signal each other, the whip-o-wills, and in the distance, the yelping of the coyotes.

Things to do and see while enjoying your stay at Cedars on the Brazos:




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My name is Janice Lewis, the proprietor of Cedars on the Brazos, 110 acres of cedar and oak forest located on a 3/4 miles stretch of the Brazos River outside of Glen Rose, Texas. We have an amazing story to tell of God working in the lives of ordinary people. For information about our bed and breakfast, contact me.

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